Can I Pick Up my Hire Equipment the Day Before?

You sure can! You can pickup your equipment anytime after 2:30pm the day before your booked date.

When do I Need to Drop Off my Equipment?

You can drop off your equipment the night of the return day, we are open until 8pm, or alternatively the morning after before 10:30am (we open at 7am). Any later than this and we will have to charge you for an extra day as there is a chance you went up to the mountains to use our equipment for an extra day/morning before returning.

Where can I get a Quote?

Filling out our hire form is obligation free, if you are just looking for a quote feel free to fill out the form and if you decide you want the hire, you can either re-book and Pre-Pay or you can pay on arrival.

Do we Hire Chains?

We do offer chain hire however we don’t allow bookings/Pre-Pays because although we have a wide range of sizes to suit most vehicles, we cannot guarantee that we will have the correct size for your tire. Feel free to add chain hire onto your booking when you arrive to pick up your equipment.

How Long Does a Hire Take?

We manage to get most people in and out of the door within 30 minutes. However this depends on how quickly we can fit your equipment and how big your group is. A small group of 1-3 people could take only 15 minutes where a group of 9-10 could take up to 45 minutes.